Our service for the customer

Our philosophy puts the customer and his needs at the center of our processes. We know how important it is and what value your product has. Thanks to our experience and our partnerships, we are able to satisfy all your international transport needs.


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Your expert partner for the 5PL

We are your complete and integrated solution covering all supply chain activities, from design to final distribution providing you with a customized and tailored solution for your company, based on your specific needs and business objectives.

Less costs

Entrusting these activities to an experienced and specialized partner can free up internal resources and reduce internal management costs.


Speed to adapt to market changes and to scale your business without heavy investments in infrastructure and internal resources.

Fast delivery

An external partner can offer more efficient and innovative solutions, improving the quality and speed of services.

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"Custom" shipments

Thanks to our experience we are able to provide customized solutions quickly for all types of transport.

Insurance Policy

Ability to create insurance policies, specific for each type of product and for each type of event.

Personalized Assistance

Our Group puts your needs and satisfaction first.


We offer the possibility of real-time tracking of your shipment.

Main Services

Explore what we specialize in and how we do it

Sea Shipping

Most of our transport is done with ships that can carry heavy loads by sea

More reliable load

Air Shipping

Air freight is the fastest way to transport goods and we can deliver your cargo to any continent

Urgent shipments with direct flights of primary airlines

Integrated Logistics 5PL

The 5PL represents a complete and integrated solution that covers all activities of the supply chain

Less costs

Many years of experience in freight transport

Lesam International Group is a shipping and consultancy company for logistics and transport at an international level specialized in sea, air and road transport shipments, but also for everything related to consultancy for import and export customs procedures.

In 2020 the company celebrated 25 years of activity, and is constantly growing, placing itself in a position of primary importance at an international level. A group of first-rate international agents represents the LESAM INTERNATIONAL GROUP in the world, a professional reference for the management of your shipments. Our Group is able to offer our customers the most suitable solution for the transport of each commodity product and a personalized and guaranteed service with on-time deliveries.

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Do you offer logistics advice?

We also offer international consultancy for a solution to any logistics problem. In fact, for over twenty years we have been dealing with international marketing, both in terms of shipping and trading and, thanks to the experience gained in the sector and the dense network of contacts, we are able to support you for any type of request.

Why should I entrust my goods to you?

Because our main objective is to guarantee you a series of additional services which, added to that of standard freight transport, have the purpose of simplifying the shipping processes in their entirety. In addition, we take care of all the paperwork related to import and export shipments from Italy.

Do you provide dedicated assistance?

Our Group puts customer satisfaction and needs first. our fundamental goal is to provide professional and highly personalized help to our customers. This client-centric approach has allowed us to grow and expand over the years to become today the reference point for all those looking for a professional, serious and fast service.

Our bigger partner

NNR Global Logistics

a Nishitetsu Group company

A people-centric organization that satisfies over 1 million customers every day. In line with the company philosophy, their mission is to ensure that customers and anyone who uses NNR services feel trust, comfort and satisfaction.

SF Express

One of the leading full service providers in China

SF is an intelligent logistics service provider with the advantage of network scalability. Boasting its national and foreign mass logistics networks. SF is also an operator of integrated logistic services with an "Air - Terrestrial - IT" network.



a world with bees

The climate tech company leader in the protection of biodiversity through technology. 3Bee uses the bee as a fundamental bioindicator by collecting and interpreting data through innovative proprietary systems to monitor the health of pollinators and their connection with ecosystems.

SF Express

Uno dei principali fornitori di servizi completi in Cina

SF è un fornitore di servizi logistici intelligenti con il vantaggio della scalabilità della rete. Vantando le sue reti di logistica di massa, nazionale e estera. SF è anche operatore di servizi logistici integrati con rete "Aerea - Terrestre -Informatica".

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