Customs Service

Advice on Customs Practices and Goods Customs Clearance

We take care of all administrative and bureaucratic procedures related to customs clearance and your INTRASTAT DECLARATIONS. We take care of all the formalities and bureaucratic requirements necessary for the import or export of the various types of goods, carrying out airport and port customs operations in Nulla Osta and AEO Certification.

  • Reduction of customs controls, both physical and documentary
  • Reduction or exemption from the guarantee due for customs obligations
  • Fast corridor


An opportunity and a great advantage: the on-site bonded warehouse where you can store your goods abroad or carry out nationalization operations in the most advantageous times and ways.

It saves you time and money!

Customs Aspects AEO Certification

We have the AEO certification which is the certification of "Authorized Economic Operator" which is issued by the Customs Agency to operators who meet the quality requirements and are deemed suitable for the acquisition of this certificate.

The AEO certificate is therefore a "status" , a certified condition of the subject on its situation of reliability in relation to the customs authorities, guaranteeing strict compliance with customs regulations and product safety.

In particular, the AEOC certification (where the letter "C" stands for customs) allows the holder to access benefits in terms of customs simplifications.

The acquisition of the AEO certificate allows the operator to obtain a series of benefits in terms of simplifications in customs and / or security matters.These benefits vary according to the type of AEO certificate requested and the degree of reliability demonstrated by the operator following a specific audit conduct by officials of the Customs Agency.

In general, the advantages can be summarized as follows:

● reduction of customs controls (both physical and documentary);

● reduction or exemption from the guarantee due for customs obligations (eg customs warehouse / VAT);

● centralized customs clearance (from 2020);

● in case of customs controls, the priority treatment and the possibility of choosing a specific place for carrying out checks on goods;

● registration in the accounting records with exemption from the obligation to present goods to customs;

● The fast corridor (the first example was for the La Spezia - Piacenza section).

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