Project Cargo shipments

Project Cargo is characterized by the handling of heavy or oversized loads, of entire industrial plants or mining plants. Innovative and customized logistic solutions are needed, where technical competence, engineering knowledge, risk assessment are crucial elements for the good existence of transport and for the protection of the goods and people involved.

  • Management of various project projects
  • Exceptional custom transport
  • Tailor-made solutions

We are specialized in Project Cargo shipments, offering the logistical management of sea and air shipments of large shipbuilding, industrial and plant engineering projects, also with feasibility studies and transport risk management.The competence and experience of each staff member allows us to offer an exceptional personalized transport service and to solve seemingly impossible situations. Tailor-made solutions to safely transport all types of heavy and bulky goods, defining the routes, the special vehicles that from time to time can ensure the best conditions of safety and speed Availability of cargo ships and aircraft in Italy, Europe and the Middle East suitable for loading and transporting any type and volume of goods.

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