Air Shipping

Air travel is slowly changing our world

In international air shipments Lesam International Group, as a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), collaborates with the most reliable airlines in the world, offering immediate transport services to all major destinations in the world, especially in the Middle and Far East.

  • Urgent shipments with direct flights of primary airlines
  • Customs clearance and 24-hour delivery of goods arriving at the main Italian airports
  • Dedicated charter flights

Lesam International Group is also specialized in international air shipments of oversized pallets and cargo.

Shipments linked to letters of credit are managed with particular care and expertise. In addition, on request, it also offers dedicated charter flights.

Lesam International Group in Italy guarantees customs clearance at the main Italian airports in 24 hours and immediate deliveries.

Lesam offers a widespread air transport network for goods of all sizes, weights and types. , customer satisfaction is very important: we guarantee timely delivery of goods and are able to satisfy any type of transport request.

Lesam plans international air shipments in every single phase: from the sender to the recipient, taking care of the bureaucratic management of the transport 360 ° plane, including all customs procedures.

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Consolidated experience in the aerospace components logistics sector

UAMA licenses in accordance with Law No.185


Certified packaging, transport and constant temperature control are the basis of our business.

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Transport of goods that require certain thermal conditions is in great demand in the food industry.

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