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a world with bees

3Bee is the leading climate tech company in protecting biodiversity through technology. Using the bee as a fundamental bioindicator, 3Bee collects and interprets data through innovative proprietary systems to monitor the health of pollinators and their connection with ecosystems. Aware of the environmental impact that the logistics sector has, we have decided to commit ourselves together with 3Bee in safeguarding biodiversity and pollinators, thus trying to make our stakeholders aware of the importance of this initiative.

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SF Express

Uno dei principali fornitori di servizi completi in Cina

SF è un fornitore di servizi logistici intelligenti con il vantaggio della scalabilità della rete. Vantando le sue reti di logistica di massa, nazionale e estera. SF è anche operatore di servizi logistici integrati con rete "Aerea - Terrestre -Informatica".

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