FCL - Sea Export


  • Amounts subject to VAT Law in the cases provided by law.
  • The exchange rate, where applicable, is to be considered indicative.
  • Validity as agreed. The additional are always VATOS (valid at time of shipment)
  • Goods such as alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars etc are not accepted
  • Personal effects are accepted only upon written request. Please check with our customer service
  • Goods subject to Fine Arts (paintings, ornaments, statues etc.) are not accepted


FOB All in, unless otherwise specified, includes 1 customs entry, 1 online HBL, ISPS, Port Taxes, Inland Contirubution Fee, Dau.


The complete documentation for the export customs formalities must be submitted at least three days before the Cusroms closing.

Required documents:

  • Order and Instructions for export customs entry (+ eventual instructions for Euro1)
  • Export Selling invoice (2 copies)
  • Dual Use declaration for Customs Authority
  • Eventual notarial deed duly filled for EUR1 issue  


Insurance coverage must be separately requested in writing at least 24 hours before loading at the origin.

Premium: 0.50% of the insured value (Min € 60.00) - Exemption: 10% of the value of the goods for total and/or partial theft, robbery, loss, total or partial undelivery, tampering or generic shortages, which will reimbursed after deduction of € 250.00.


AWB, B/L and EUR1 (where required)  instructions must be sent jointly 2 days before vessel closing.

If EUR1 is not required, it is imperative to communicate on booking request. Not getting any information we will automatically issue and bill the service as per our quotation.


The goods must be marked and the same marking must be shown on invoices and packing lists.

Otherwise, we will not be responsible for delays, alteration or incorrect routing, and import customs problems.


The booking is always considered confirmed unless  clearly cancellation.

Any cancellation must be notified no later than 3 days before the scheduled date for loading, otherwise full amount quoted can be debited.


Lesam International will not have any responsibility in case of damages during transport and delivery due to packaging unfit.

We reserve the right to assess what goods are not packed in a suitable manner to the container transportation and/or groupage.

In which case a reserve will be made at the time of taking in charge the goods.


Arrangement at the loading site of the containers can take place from cargo readiness day, up to 5 days before the vessel closing.

Goods of particular dimensions and/or overweighted must be verified case by case with our operational department.

Pertinent costs to be agreed.


Goods of particular dimensions and/or overweighted must be verified case by case with our operational department.

Pertinent costs to be agreed.


For acceptance of IMO goods please contact our operational department.

The booking confirmations for IMO products will be considered valid by the subsequent acceptance of the Shipping Line.

The correct and complete declaration of dangerous goods is required at least 48H before delivery of the goods.

The following documents are required to process the booking:

  • Signed DGD (multimodal dangerous form) and MSDS (material safety data sheet)