FCL - Sea Import


  • Rates are calculated on the basis of information provided by the customer, including specifically the services to be provided, the type, weight and volume of the goods to be transported, stored prepared, packaged or packed.
  • Quotations also depend on currency exchange rates at the time they are issued. They also depend on carriers of our choice, subcontractors’ conditions and rates, and on the laws, regulations and international agreements in force.
  • The surcharges are always VATOS (valid at time of shipment).
  • In the event that, after the issue of the offer, one or more of these basic elements change or may affect the offer itself, the rates indicated will be modified accordingly.
  • We do not assume any responsibilities or obligations greater than those assumed towards us by shipping companies, railways or other transport companies or agents used as carriers by the company itself.
  • Amounts subject to legal VAT in the cases provided for by the regulations in force.
  • The exchange rate, where applicable, is to be understood as indicative.
  • Packages are always intended to be stacked, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Goods subject to duty such as alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars etc. are not accepted.
  • Personal effects are accepted only upon written request, subject to verification and approval by our customer service.
  • Goods of high artistic value and subject to Fine Arts (paintings, ornaments, statues etc.) are not accepted.


  • The merchandise must be handed over packaged, packed, marked, labelled so that it can withstand haulage operations, andwhere appropriate will be delivered to the addressee in accordance with the instructions given to the service provider and under normal conditions.
  • The service provider cannot be held responsible for any consequences of insufficient or absent or defective packing,packaging, marking and/or labelling or of lack of sufficient information on the type and particularities of the merchandise.
  • In these cases we will not be responsible for any delays, rowback or incorrect routing
  • We reserve the right to appraise which goods are not packaged in a manner suitable for air transport; in which case a reservation will be made at the time of collection.
  • In the event of losses, damage or any other damage suffered by merchandise, the service provider can only be held responsiblefor losses and damages that are listed in accurate and justified written reserves agreed with the service provider or carrier at the time of delivery.


  • We decline all responsibility for orders given and received by telephone, without written confirmation.
  • The pre-arranged booking is considered confirmed unless otherwise communicated by you. Any cancellation must be communicated no later than 5 days before the date scheduled for loading, otherwise the void will be charged for full.
  • The dates of arrival and departure of the goods may undergo variations deriving from justified causes of the carriers used.


Import customs procedure will be carried out after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination.

Documentation required:

  • Written customs instructions filled on our form
  • Customs declaration of the Country of origin
  • Sales Contract
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Packing List Import Customs Declaration


  • No insurance policy for the merchandise is signed by the service provider without a written order, repeated for each shipmentor operation, specifying the risks to be covered (ordinary and special) and the values to be guaranteed. In the absence of an accurate specification, the ordinary risks will be covered by the carriers engaged.
  • If such an order is given, the service provider, acting on the client’s behalf, takes out an insurance policy with an insurer acknowledged to be solvent at the time of signing. Acting as agent, the service provider can under no circumstances be considered as an insurer.
  • Cost: 0.50% on the insured value (Min € 60.00) 10% deductible on the value of the goods for total and / or partial theft; robbery, loss, total or partial non-delivery, tampering or shortages, which will however be compensated after deduction of € 250.00 of overdraft.
  • A client who covers haulage and other risks himself must specify to his Insurers that they can only take action against the serviceprovider under the terms and conditions


For IMO goods acceptance please contact our operations department.

Booking confirmations for IMO goods are valid only after acceptance by the Liners.

Full and correct declaration of dangerous goods must be delivered to us at least 48Hrs before delivery of the goods.

Documents required to open an IMO booking:

  • DGD signed (multimodal dangerous form)
  • MSDS (material safety data sheet)


  • Service provisions are, except where expressly agreed otherwise in writing, payable on receipt of the invoice, at their place of issue.
  • Sea freight and import customs duties must be paid in advance. Payment of our fees is to be agreed.
  • Delayed payment within the agreed terms provides for the debit of default interest at the official discount rate, in addition to the costs for credit recovery.
  • Also penalties are applied where the sums due are paid after the terms agreed.